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Wij maken gebruik van hoogwaardige apparatuur die betrouwbaar is en voldoet aan onze hoogste eisen.

ph-1fw-ediPH-2CHIntroducing the Altura Zenith, Unprecedented quality
The Altura Zenith sets a precedent for the design of unmanned aircraft systems, by combining state of the art technology with remarkably flat, compact and lightweight design. Starting from scratch enabled the generation of a radically novel idea: developing a multirotor aircraft system that can meet a wide variety of application requirements without compromising on design.
The Altura Zenith, Fly tomorrow’s innovation today.
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Screenshot 2015-07-21 14.52.45Aerialtronics DuplavistaThe Dupla Vista, Twice the view, double the data

The Altura Dupla Vista offers both a 640 (SD) daylight camera with up to 10x zoom (auto-focus) as well as a calibrated thermal infrared camera with a 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The Dupla Vista sensor boxes are particularly useful to customers who require multiple sensors during one flight. Suitable for police, fire brigade inspection, solar panel & industrial inspections.
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a7r-with-a-mountSony Alpha 7RVisie gerealiseerd

De full-frame α7R: draagbaar en professioneel. Met een full-frame sensor van 35 mm met 36,4 MP in een behuizing die de helft van andere DSLR's weegt, is dit de nieuwe standaard voor fotografen.
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Screenshot 2015-07-21 15.17.01Aerialtronics AV-200Gimbals
Flexibility without hassle

Aerialtronics is a preferred supplier of the famous Photo Higher servo-driven gimbals, which are developed in New Zealand. Photo Higher provides maximum flexibility due to the compatibility of its AV200 and AV130 gimbals with medium and large-sized cameras. The clever servo-driven propulsion systems enable maximum image stability without having to adjust for the centre point of gravity. The quality of your images is key. Therefore, stability is a must. The 2- and 3- axis brushless stabilised gimbals are especially developed for small to intermediate sized cameras that weigh up to 1 kg. Even cameras that lack proper optical (image) stabilisation, like thermal cameras, can provide stabilised images with the brushless gimbal. The stable recordings alleviate the need for post stabilisation and post-production, which leads to a significant time save.
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Screenshot 2015-07-21 15.20.51AErialtronics GCSAltura ground control system

Complexity reduced to minimalism

The Altura Ground Control System (GCS) is one of a kind. All of its capabilities are featured on a simple overview to facilitate the control of the entire system. The pilot can manually control the position of the system and operate its payload with unparalleled ease. On an elegant tablet attached to the GCS the pilot operates our in-house app for autonomous navigation, waypoint triangulation and repetitive flight patterns.
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